Whats New with Nutrishop? Check out Nutrishop New Products!

Whats New with Nutrishop? Check out Nutrishop New Products!

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Nutrishop New Products are here, check out all three great products.

Nutrishop is unveiling three products, one is out and two are about to drop on the supplement scene. Are your ready to make your workouts explosive and intense? Let Nutrishop and its exclusive brands assist you in your workout and fitness endeavors. Nutrishop is releasing an Amino Acid beverage powder, a Pre-workout mix, and a new flavor for a classic pre-workout. October 2016 is turning into the Pre-workout mix month. In fact, Nutrishop will give you 15% on two or more products if one of them is a Pre-workout drink and you mention this article!

So lets get started on the latest releases:


1.) PNR PREWORKOUT – a new product that is already released. PNR the company that brought us a classic product called Code-3 in 2011 is at it again. Five years later, with massive amounts of testing and studies; their engineers have developed a new preworkout drink. Preworkout is designed to elevate your mindset in the gym and help you achieve more repetitions and explosive reps.

New Nutrishop Products

2. Blue Raspberry Erratic– Erratic has pleased its customers with a smooth pre-workout drink that gives you everything you need in a N.O. drink but doesn’t over do it. Before this release there was only Cherry Limeade and Pink Lemonade. This new flavor compliments the existing flavor arsenal. Get yours today by calling 813-991-9999 or 813-684-2380.


3. Aminovex– Evochem is releasing its take on the Amino Acid market, 6 essential free form amino acids and caffeine will complement a non-caffeine stack to AMP your workouts. Aminovex keeps their formula rather basic, to avoid attacking your body with unneeded ingredients.

If you are interested in these New Nutrishop Products and I am sure you are….Call us today or visit our stores to get your hands on our exclusive product line! We are the Complete Nutrition store in Brandon and Tampa Florida.

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To order online, view our online catalog here. Then after you find the Productsyou desire to have shipped to you, call either 813-991-9999 or 813-684-2380 to have the product sent to your door.


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