Turkey Day Means weight loss time

Turkey Day Means weight loss time

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Call 813-684-2380Weight loss time because of turkey day

So…..it’s weight loss time, you have scarfed down a turkey leg, two servings of mash potatoes, sweet potato pie, green been casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a plethora of other foods, not to mention desserts and candies. You are bloated, and having a huge case of indigestion and other health related problems due to consuming large amounts of food. Now, you are sitting on your couch having a post thanksgiving semi-diabetic seizure and wondering what’s next? How do I get back to normal after this festive holiday season? Is it possible or should I just throw in the towel?

Well Nutrishop has the solutions to your indulgence, we are proposing a three pronged attack that works for women and men alike. First, you need to cut back the calories. You are going to have to consume less calories than your body burns for a few weeks. This also includes just eating calories that give back to your body. No junk food, no sodas, not a calorie that provides zero benefit.

Second, hit the gym and hit the gym hard. It is important that you are consistently burning big calories in the gym. This will involve cardiovascular exercise like: running, jogging, walking, biking and elliptical. Get your sweat on and keep motivated, the only person you have to blame for your indulgence is you…and that grandma who makes sweet potato pie.

Lastly, you need to supplement. We recommend trying products like Hypercor, Thermovex and Metabolic Spike. These products used in conjunction with a healthy diet and workout will provide you with all the items in your arsenal to make for a productive weight loss time.

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