Signs of Over-training in the gym

Signs of Over-training in the gym

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These are signs of overtraining in the gym and here’s what you can do about it.


If you are a gym rat or you just enjoy hitting it hard in the gym, you may have experienced signs of overtraining. In this article we will touch up on signs of overtraining in the gym and how to cure these ailments. Did you know long term affects of overtraining can be serious? It is important to take good care of yourself.sad-dude

1.) Always thirsty- If you feel like you are never not thirsty and you have a drink of water in your hand most of the day, this could be a sign of over-traning.

2.) Insomnia- Not being able to fall asleep at night is a symptom of overtraining. Your body is out of whack and it shows up in your sleep patterns. If you are regularly working out and you notice you can not sleep at night, you might need some rest days.

3.) Depression- Are you feeling sad, irritable or just plain depressed? You need to see if resting and recuperating helps you to get back to normal. If not, you probably need to see a doctor or psychiatrist!

4.) Always getting sick- When this occurs, it is your body trying to let you know you need some time off. Many times when people overtrain their bodies are depleted of minerals and vitamins that feed your immune system.

5.) Losing Focus- Do you find yourself in a state of fog? Forgetting things, losing your train of thought or having difficulty deriving complex solutions.

6.)Injury- simple , same workouts , same lifestyle, more injuries. Your joints and muscles need a break to repair/heal. Do not allow yourself to be a victim.

7.) Plateau’s or losing ground in gym- IF your repetitions , sets, or weight with exercises is decreasing, you need to consider overtraining as a possible culprit.

So you think you may have some or all the signs of overtraining?

You may be asking yourself, what can I do about it?

The answer is simple. Eat healthy, supplement with vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. AND OF COURSE take a few days off. Do stretches and light calisthenics if you need to, but TAKE IT EASY!

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