Running Low on Protein is bad!

Running Low on Protein is bad!

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Every on hates running low on protein. Its a fact, people start to worry. Will my workout all be in vain? Was it counterproductive without protein? What will I do if I don’t get my protein source in the 30-45 minute post workout window? These worries are of course a tad overblown, but what should we do to ensure we are feeding our muscles?

Well have no fear, we have solutions for you. Yes, you need protein to fully recover and feed those hurting muscles. Here a few awesome tips from Nutrishop for those who sweat the big stuff. If you cant get to Nutrishop or it is closed there are really three suitable options.

1.) Order more protein than you need. As I am writing this article I have two jugs of Forza One Forza Protein in my supplement arsenal. This is smart to do, keep an extra protein Just in Case! I try to stock up on products so that I don’t run dry. The last thing I want to be doing is going to a supercenter store and buying cheap Chinese protein that is not quality controlled.

2.) Try another source of quick protein. Some options include, protein bars, milk,eggs or peanut butter. Try to find about 20-30 grams of quick acting protein for your workout in actual foods. Milk however, may not be the best choice as it takes roughly an hour to get through your system.

3.) Eat your next full meal early and let it heal your muscles. This doesn’t mean eat McDowells or Burger Queen it means REAL meal!

The best idea of course is to Never Run Low on Protein!

Protein is a crucial building block for muscle and the amino acids carried in products like, Forza Pro, Pro7ein , and Nutek Pro5 are essential to making you look bad to the bone and swollen.

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