PhosphaTOR and Power ATP the symbiotic relationship

PhosphaTOR and Power ATP the symbiotic relationship

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PHOSPHATOR and POWER ATP are like Yin and Yang.

Rarely do two supplements mesh well together. Even more rare is a symbiotic relationship ever so present like these two products. When Phosphator and Power ATP used in conjunction, It’s a beautiful thing.

So what makes these two so inseparable?

Well first off if you are not a fan of Pre-Workout Drinks and their  over caffeinated content, then this is a combination to help you for your workout. These two give you better benefits than those that you get from pre-workout drinks and studies have shown the following benefits:

Power ATPPower ATP

  • Gives you an Increase in Muscle Thickness
  • Increase your Lean Body Mass
  • Allows for you to increase your Total Body Strength

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  • Gives your body the Power to Increase Muscle Gains During Training
  • Increase Pure Muscle Strength
  • Promotes the Primary Muscle building Process -mTor
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Did you know these two are like a mini-stack? And what’s better than a mini stack? A huge supplement stack. Try these two great products with the likes of N’Ject, Stance BCAA Complex, Glumatic and your favorite protein. The results from this combination will make your head spin.  Muscle Ripping pumps, Strength and muscle mass gains; what else could you ask for?
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