Nutrishop Owner makes a splash in a BIG way!

Nutrishop Owner makes a splash in a BIG way!

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Nutrishop owner on National Publication, Huffington Post.

As an owner of Nutrishop, news channels, Newpapers and online sources often contact you for information. Sometimes, they contact you for quotes. Well recently Vince Marinacio of Nutrishop Brandon was contacted and asked about how he helps his customers. And being a wise owner, he was happy to assist with the request.. Nutrishop Store News

Recently, when asked about tailoring his clients to products : Vince states “I ask the potential client what their goals are first and foremost. Then I ask what products they have taken in the past and have seen positive results with. Next, I seek to provide them with the healthiest choice of products to help them meet their fitness goals. I make sure to sell them products that I know are helpful for their goals as well as products that I know are effective. Ultimately, being a small business owner, I need all of my clients to succeed in their goals, and I need to track their changes so we can both succeed. I want every customer to brag about our products.” You can read the Huffington Post article entitled Vitamins, Supplements, and finding the right Nutrition store.

Do you have a question you want fielded by Vince Marrinacio, the owner of two central Florida Nutrishops? If so contact Vince either by calling 813-991-9999 or by emailing We always want to help our local and national newspapers with information on fitness, supplements and more. When we succeed you succeed!


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