Nject is taking off and is hard to keep on the Shelves!

Nject is taking off and is hard to keep on the Shelves!

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Nject, recently released at Nutrishop’s across the country has been taking off and flying off the shelves. Everyone has been eager about this new release from Cellshock. Nrage and Nfuze have been staples of Nutrishop clients muscle building supplementation for years. Now another product has been released by Cellshock to help amplify the workout experience and enhance the already great muscle building properties of Nfuze and Nrage.

So enough of the talking about how great Cellshock’s previous releases were, lets talk about what you can expect from N’Ject. So what’s in this bad boy?

Vitamin C 200mg- Everyone knows that taking Vitamin C is good for you when your sick or preventing sickness. But did you know that when you take Vitamin C before workout it can help you recover faster and reduce catabolic stress? That is why its added in Nject.

Agmatine Sulfate (as AGmassTM) 1.5g – Take L-Arganine , use a process called decarboxylation which is the removal of a carboxylic acid group from the amino acid. Then the compound that remains is called Agmatine Sulfate. This byproduct is than released from the neurons where they are stored and then activated. This allows your body to better regulate the Nitric Oxide when your body needs it and its released (During workout).
L-Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T®) 1g- L-arginine, if you don’t know what this is and your on this site, you must be Nject Nutrishoplost. But seriously, this ingredient gives you the pump in the workout increases blood flow to vital areas during workout and this amino acid is a catalyst in the protein/ muscle building process.
NuBetaineTM (as beet root extract) 400mg – this ingredient allows for water retention in cells, and protects you from dehydration.  Dehydration can be not only dangerous, but also counterproductive when working out.
If you look at the ingredients above you can see how it positively stacks with Nrage and Nfuze.
For more information or to order Nject with Nfuze and Nrage Call Nutrishop at 813-991-9999.


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