Hemovex Mango Lemonade flavor

Hemovex Mango Lemonade flavor

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Hemovex now comes in a new delicious flavor!


We all love Hemovex, and we know how great it is for the endurance athelete. Now this great pre-workout product comes in another fantastic flavor. MANGO LEMONADE, this is a deliciously sweet and sour flavor that will not only leave your mouth watering but also will give you a refreshing take on boring pre-workout drink flavors.

So if you don’t already know about Hemovex, we will give you a quick breakdown.

Hemovex gives you great pumps in the gym, insane amounts of energy and wont give you the terrible jitters, which will allow you to do cardiovascular exercise. This is a unique quality that makes Hemovex a hot commodity for those who do: Track and field, cross-fit, iron man style competitions and biking.

Nutrishop often gets compliments because of the effectiveness of this product in endurance training. We advise all people to seek permission from a doctor before taking any pre-workout drink. And of course this product is no different.

Did you know many female bodybuilders also take hemovex. The versatility of this product allows people of all backgrounds and goals to take this explosive pre-workout drink.

IF you are not a fan of Blueberry or watermelon, than this new Mango Lemonade flavor will surely entice you. Stop by your local Nutrishop to get your fit little hands on this awesome new flavored pre-workout drink made by EVOCHEM a leader in sports nutrition technology. If you can not make it in to one of our stores you can order it directly to your house by calling  813-684-2380 today. We have pre-orders going on now, and will send it out as soon as the product hits the shelves. We send our products out throughout the country so do not be afraid to ask for shipment to Alaska or Hawaii! Our goal is to leave every potential customer with a way to order the best in nutritional supplements.


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