July 4th and Nutrishop

July 4th and Nutrishop

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Nutrishop and July 4th go hand in hand.

Although these days, July 4th is known for its excesses; July 4th has a beautiful history. July 4th signifies the day that modern western government was established, and signified the transition from the old to the new. The framers of the constitution decided to enact a Democracy in the face of an Authoritarian Colonial Fuedal system.

From the ashes of an old colonial system arose a new grand experiment. Democracy, an untested representative government had not been established in over 1200 years. From the July 4th convention and subsequent independence won by war, the United States was formed.july 4th

Now, we all tend to take for granted the freedoms that have been established. Our freedoms are taken for granted yet we have the freedom to live our lives as we desire. This is great and all but how does this relate to Nutrishop? Well, in a few ways.

The freedom we are granted as a people has allowed us to succeed in a way no other nation has. We are merely 4 percent of the world’s population yet, we produce 23 percent of the worlds wealth. The freedoms we have enabled our citizenry to produce the worlds finest technologies.

Nutrishop is quintessentially American. This franchise company, allows innovators of supplement products to take their American made products to our stores. They utilize the best researchand theories then apply them in making you a healthier, fitter, and stronger you! We apply our freedom to think, act and produce to give you a unique and effective product line of supplements. And you have the choice as an American citizen to purchase these products.

If you are going to celebrate the United States and its glory by stopping by Nutrishop this week, we will give you a 10 percent discount on your order!


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