Central Florida Nutrishop’s are offering Tap Mango

Central Florida Nutrishop’s are offering Tap Mango

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Tap Mango is at Nutrishop Brandon and Nutrishop Tampa! Sign up at one our stores!

TapMango is a great way for Nutrishop to engage their clients and offer discounts and deals. Who doesn’t like to save some extra cash or get their favorite products at a better price? The answer to that is obviously no one. So what does Tap Mango do? They give you a text with occasional deals that are exclusive to the Nutrishop that you shop at.  So how do I get this awesome thing??? Simple go to our contact form and enter your information.

TapMango Nutrishop

In due time , you will receive a text message with special deals that will be sure to please you. Oh yeah we are not excessive with our notifications so no need to worry!

Do you want to see how TapMango really works at Nutrishop? Interested to see more? Go to http://www.tapmango.com/ and watch the demo video on their homepage.

TapMango and Nutrishop are working together to provide Nutrishop clients the best possible shopping experience. We want you to be 100% satisfied with not only the products but also your shopping experience. We want EVERY shopping experience at Nutrishop to be your best!



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