A new sleep aid is in town LEUTOR PM by PH LABS

A new sleep aid is in town LEUTOR PM by PH LABS

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::Leutor PM is the latest sleep aid to hit the market. So what makes Leutor PM different you ask? Well for starters its an Amino Acid blend designed to help recovery for those who hit the gym hard. It contains 12.7 grams of a propriety blend of Amino Acids (Active TR- slow released L-Leucine), GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid), and other sought after ingredients for night time rest and recovery. Nutrishop Tampa and Nutrishop Brandon will be carrying this item. We suggest as always you beat the rush and make a PRE-ORDER by calling 813-684-2380. As always we will ship straight to your doorstep. Our products are sought after around the world because we cherish high quality ingredients by big time suppliers of QUALITY.  PHLABS the company that makes PHOSPHATOR and GLUMATIC are not known for disappointing their loyal and steadfast consumer base. LEUTOR-PM is essential as your body sleeps a third of the day, supplement your sleep with Leutor-PM. If you have any questions about this new product, the guys at Nutrishop have the answers you are seeking. Give us a call or visit our Facebook page!



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